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My name is Patrick van der Vegt – the graphic designer and maker of Atlas Print Creations. The home of Printable Planners that will help you turn your dreams into plans. All of them are specially designed to help you manage your days so you can focus on what really matters. Atlas Print Creations offers a range of modern, minimalist planners, calendars, and more to help you stay organized.

I am very creative but rather chaotic in nature. I know better than anyone what it means to have good planning within your company and what it takes to be able to run your company well. Although it was quite difficult at first, it made me strong and taught me the real value of time management. From now on, planners became an essential part of my life – writing down what each day was for, what my daily, weekly, monthly goals were, what kind of work or assignments should be done by what deadline, what agreements I had with my clients and which ones side I wanted to take with my company. They gradually became the guide, the hand to hold on to overcome any obstacle and paved the way for my success.

Patrick van der Vegt
Patrick van der VegtGraphic Designer


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However, over the years I got a proliferation of all kinds of Planners that were not aligned and did not look the same. Separate books and folders, where I kept everything. Atlas Print Creations has arisen from the need for planning pages that are timeless, stylish and professional, and above all have the same appearance and can be bundled into one organizer or folder. I love designing them and constantly strive for the most useful planners who can manage all aspects of our lives, from fitness and health, school work, finance, office supplies to work and project planning.

One of the best things to invest in a printable planner is that it really lasts a lifetime. When you have used up all your planner pages, simply print a new set of inserts and be ready to plan again. I hope you find the planners here to help you achieve your dreams and goals as they did and continue to do for me.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions or feedback, if you are interested in my items, or if you just want to say hello – I would love to hear from you.





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