This is my first post here on this website. A website about plans, planners, trackers, calendars, logs and the like. In “About me” I explained more or less why I set up this website. So I’m not going to do that here again. But I want to tell you a bit more about myself here.

I must say that I am quite chaotic myself. Quite creative (most people around me say), find everything interesting and tackle everything. But often also lose track of the various things that may or may not have priority. And since I am an independent entrepreneur that is not really ideal, then you just need good planning to keep that overview. I used to get away with it in the past, but not anymore. Then I will just hurt the business.

Digital planning

In order to maintain an overview, I started planning digitally at the beginning of my self-employment. I kept a digital calendar that was synchronized on both my phone and my computer. Nice and handy. I also had other apps to keep track of everything. That went well for a while at first, but then the loose notes started showing up. Scribble a note during a phone call, or quickly made a to-do list that came next to the keyboard. And there you go …

It sometimes happened that I forgot to write an appointment in my digital agenda and thereby forgot the entire appointment. After all, I had written it on a loose piece of note paper, and then I remembered there was something about that appointment. But then where had the note paper gone now? You may know what I mean. So yes, that digital planning is quite useful, especially if you are very structured, but when you are as chaotic as I am …

Back from digital planning

Somehow the digital planning just didn’t get into my system and I kept writing on loose sheets. Make to-do lists, take notes etc. I even had one of those hard cover notebooks that I carried with me all the time. All my thoughts and ideas went into that. My creative ideas usually came just before going to sleep, so that booklet was also next to my bed. I could write them off nicely. My wife once told me, it seems you have AD (H) D, but without that hyperactive part. Sometimes there is such chaos in your head. Maybe there is some truth in that comment, but well …

I used to have such a loose-leaf paper diary in a leather organizer of the ‘personal’ format and I could so easily scratch, draw, and write in it. That was something different as a digital system and I actually wanted to go back to that. Let me scratch, draw, and write. So at some point, I started looking on the internet and ended up in the world of paper and printable planners. Through this planner world, I learned that many more people go back to the paper planner, instead of the digital one. This was quite an eye-opener for me. However, I have to say that it is generally women in this world. But I don’t care.

I now have set up a system for myself with an organizer with A5 sheets. And I find it ideal. This system has now replaced my notebook, the loose leaves, my cashbook, mileage registration booklet, etc. for me. I now have everything in one. And I must say that this system gives me much more overview. I am actually planning and I am more aware of my planning. For myself, I have proven that if you write something down you will remember it better.

Thanks for reading and maybe this system is for you too. Feel free to look further on my website, which I will continue to build on in the near future. If you would like to comment on this article, you can of course do so below.